Billing capabilities

Pridemark Billing Services has a fully automated billing office and software package. The software product is called RescueNet® Billing and was developed by ZOLL® Data Systems (formerly Pinpoint Technologies). RescueNet Billing was designed from the ground up specifically for ambulance billing (EMS billing) utilizing the latest tools, technologies, and an industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server Database.

All invoices to third-party payers including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial claims are submitted electronically in an effort to increase efficiency and collection where possible. The vast majority of commercial insurance claims are submitted electronically via a clearinghouse. In addition, we directly bill Medicare and Medicaid electronically.

We have been submitting claims electronically to Medicare and Medicaid in the mandated ANSI format since 2003. We also receive electronic submission confirmation and explanation of benefits (EOB) from Medicare and Medicaid. Utilizing electronic submission for all carriers and electronic submission confirmation and EOB’s significantly increase the pace of cash collections.

At this time most commercial insurance payers are not accepting direct submissions, so we outsource our commercial payers electronically to a clearinghouse.

System reports

The reporting package available with RescueNet Billing is quite extensive.  The system ships with over 300 canned reports.  Crystal Reports software package is also part of the product.  This reporting tool allows us to pull any data stored in RescueNet Billing in to a report.  We also have the capability of taking a template report and adding additional information to it when necessary.  The software also has the ability to export reports into several different formats, such as Microsoft® Office Excel.  This allows us to send reports electronically to our customers. By using RescueNet Billing, Pridemark also has a month-end closing process that locks in financial information by billing period and offers extensive reports regarding that financial data.


Pridemark has been successfully billing for emergent and non-emergent medical-transportation services since 1997. Our perspective as an ambulance service gives us a unique insight into EMS operations and billing.

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services


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