Scope of work

Claim submission

Pridemark Billing Services will bill the transported individual, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, or other appropriate third-party payers for ambulance services you provide.

Self pay

We electronically send claims to our vendor, DANTOM® Systems, Inc., for all self-pay accounts. We then follow up with the patient to identify any possible third-party payors or to arrange for collection of the account.

Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid

When possible, insurance carriers, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial claims are submitted electronically.  Currently, we submit Medicare and Medicaid directly to the payer.  

We submit claims electronically to Medicare and Medicaid in the mandated ANSI format. We also receive electronic response reports and explanation of benefits from Medicare and Medicaid.

Utilizing electronic submission for all carriers and electronic response reports and EOBs where available significantly shortens days sales outstanding (DSO).


We will use our best practices to maximize your reimbursements while minimizing inconvenience to your patients.

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services


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