Collection accounts

The use of collection agencies is an undesirable, yet necessary, component of EMS billing services (ambulance billing). Pridemark only refers accounts to collections when all other attempts to receive payment from the patient have failed or in instances when we have been unable to make contact with the patient. When outside collection services become necessary, Pridemark Billing Services utilizes BC Services, a customer-service-oriented collection agency.

Pridemark Billing Services has been working with BC Services to provide both pre-collection and collection services for the past five years. BC Services understands the nature of the ambulance business and, therefore, uses a gentle approach with our customers while at the same time maintaining the ability to efficiently collect on unpaid accounts.

Every measure possible is taken to keep accounts from being referred to an outside agency for collection.  Prior to being listed for collections, patients may contact us for access to our full range of EMS billing services (ambulance billing).  Some common options offered by our staff are: billing the patient’s insurance, placing the account on a 30-day hold while the patient works through a financial or personal issue, or setting up reasonable interest-free, monthly payments. We work with our clients on appropriate options prior to sending accounts to collections.

Pridemark has developed a billing process that ensures both a high level of customer service and maximum reimbursement in the shortest amount of time.

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services


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