ePCR compatibility

Pridemark Billing Services is intimately familiar with the ZOLL® Data Systems TabletPCR® product as we have been utilizing this product in our ambulance operations for more than a year. We synchronize data from the field directly with our centralized database wirelessly at the end of each call. That data is immediately available for Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) purposes. It is also available to begin the billing process. This system allows us not only to accurately track protocol compliance but has also decreased our Day Service Outstanding (DSO) noticeably. Many other responders will offer to interface with ZOLL Data’s TabletPCR system but we doubt anyone else is actually using it in a live ambulance environment.  This is one of the many advantages unique to Pridemark. We already have the technology in place to import your data for billing.

As a ZOLL Data Systems partner, Pridemark Billing Services is heavily involved in the design and testing process for all versions of TabletPCR and the billing products. Not only do we offer constant feedback to the development team but we also offer periodic training to ZOLL Data Systems employees on new products and how they are integrated into a real-world environment.

We stay in constant communication with ZOLL Data Systems about the current version and upcoming releases to ensure we are always well ahead of the technology curve and ready for changes coming down the road. Our customers benefit from this advanced knowledge that is not generally afforded other service providers.

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services



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