Business philosophy

The business of providing services for ambulance billing (EMS billing) is a complicated one. Collecting cash in a timely manner is vital to any business entity’s ability to continually function. 

In healthcare, cash collections are much slower than in most industries and it takes expertise and diligence to process invoices and collect cash in an efficient manner. Our more than 11 years' experience is the foundation for our ability to perform ambulance-billing functions exceptionally well. We must to do this function well in order to survive; we are highly motivated. 

Equally important is the ability to collect data and report information that will help you make informed decisions regarding the future of your service. Billing for emergency services is complicated and the variables that affect cash flow are numerous. We are very well versed in reporting on and analyzing financial data and will actively consult with you to help in its data analysis.


Being able to analyze reports and determine trends will help you to accurately forecast future cash flows and therefore budget for future endeavors.

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services