Pridemark Billing Services, LLC, references

Pridemark Billing Services is happy to provide the you with a list of all our current clients as we consider each of them a reference site.  

Client list and references

City of Thornton Fire Department

Deb Remley, administrative specialist

Castle Rock Fire and Rescue

Wayne Schwartz , EMS deputy chief

Rich Martin, battalion chief

South Park Ambulance District

Paul Mattson, fire chief

City of Grand Junction

Ken Watkins, fire chief

Federal Heights Fire Department

Andy March, fire chief

Palisade Fire Protection District

Bill Binnian, EMS chief

Louisville Fire Department

Tim Parker, chief of department

Platte Canyon Fire Protection District

Jeff Davis, fire chief 

Pridemark is proud that we have 100% client retention and have never lost a billing client. We know of no other services that can make such a claim.

We feel the best evidence of our qualifications is that all of our clients are able to be referenced.  You will find when interviewing our clients two things they consistently point out about our company. The first is increased cash collections and the second, our customer service.  

— Michael Donner
CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Pridemark Billing Services